2021 Fashion Forecast

2020 was a year full of fancy face masks, white chunky sneakers, and zoom calls. It was a year like no other and many of us are looking forward to a fresh start in 2021. You’ve probably made a new year’s resolution and a bucket list to make up for the fun you missed in 2020, but we’re here to help you start the new year in style! Here are 10 fashion trends we look forward to seeing in 2021. 

Trench Coats

The trench coat came a long way since its first appearance in World War I and they’re once again back in style. Whether you’re looking for a classy or casual look, a trench coat will be your best friend. 

Oversized Button-Down Tops 

Grab your husbands’ button-down shirt and you’re ready to take on 2021 in style. Pair your oversized button-down with biker shorts when lounging around or dress it up with a pair of trousers and a few accessories. 

Loose Pants 

Comfy and fashionable? We’ll take it! Baggy jeans first hit the runway in the 90s and they’re back, 3 decades later. We love this trend paired with a graphic tee or turtleneck! 


Khaki is getting a chance to leave the workplace and hit the runway! Traditional khaki pants, as well as khaki-colored clothing, is a sophisticated look for 2021. When putting together a khaki outfit add a pop of color to make a true statement. 


The DIY fashion we love has been popular since the 70s and never truly left the fashion industry. Tie-dye denim is an effortlessly cool statement that we are excited to see more of in the new year! 


From tees to accessories, we will see pastel colors in every aspect of fashion this spring. Here at CC Originals, we are expecting a high demand for our colored tees and pastel designs! 

Puff Sleeves 

In 2020, CC Originals introduced balloon sleeve tops to the boutique collection and it’s no surprise that this trend is here to stay. We look forward to seeing more of this trend in dresses and short-sleeve tops. 

Checkered Print

In 2020 we’ve seen checkered print gain popularity in street style and it’s been growing ever since. In 2021 checkered print fashion will be popular in colors other than traditional black and white. Wear neutral-colored checkered print for a chic look. 

Stylish Sweatsuits

2020 made us fall in love with sweatsuits and we just can’t let go! As businesses are opening up and we start to leave our homes, let’s put a stylish twist on the sweatsuits we’ve been wearing throughout quarantine. Add heels and accessories to your matching sweatsuit and take it out with the girls. 

Faux Leather

Faux leather has made its mark in 2020 and will be carried into 2021. You can’t go wrong with traditional black faux leather but 2021 will be the year of colorful faux leather! pairing Leather leggings with a jean jacket and a band tee is an edgy look you must have in your closet.