How To Use the CC Originals App

Hi, Stylists!

As you know, we’ve recently launched the CC Originals app. Everything new takes time to get used to, so we thought now would be a great time to not only explain how to use the app, but also to explain why it’s important and how it will make life as a Stylist easier than ever!

Signing In

If you haven’t downloaded the CC Originals app yet, please be sure to do so. It’s available wherever you normally find your apps.

It looks like this:

Once you have it downloaded, it will ask for your login information. You have access to this app automatically—all you have to do is enter the same sign-in name and password that you use to sign into the website.

Boom! You’re in!

When you sign in, a goal prompt will appear.

Choose one of three goals:

1- My First $100

2- 500 a month 

3- Replace income from job


Setting Up Your Profile

Once you’re in, your screen should look like this:

Look in the top right corner of this screen. You will see three horizontal lines. Touch that, and a drop screen will appear with different options. Touch “PROFILE” and then touch the “MY PROFILE” option to begin setting up your Stylist profile.

You should see this:

Notice there are three options here: PROFILE, SOCIAL, and LINKS.

The first area that needs filled in is the PROFILE section. We encourage you to add as much as information as you can here. Feel free to add a photo too!

Once that’s complete, tap the SOCIAL portion and fill out the information.

Managing Notifications

Click on the three horizontal lines in the right corner again, and tap the PROFILE section. You’ll notice an option called MANAGE NOTIFICATIONS. Click on it. This opens up a screen that looks like this:

It’s completely up to you which actions you want notifications for, but we do suggest you turn on as many of them as possible. This will help you stay informed throughout the day. You can be notified when a new member joins your team. You can be notified when a prospect opened a link or completed a form. You can be notified when someone places an order.

Knowing when these actions take place will help you run your business more timely and efficiently.

Exploring the App

Sometimes the easiest way to learn is to get hands-on! If you’re a “learn-as-I-go” kind of person, we encourage you to explore the app. Even if you’re not a traditional hands-on learner, it’s still worth your time to look around and get a feel for it.

Reminder: This is just like any app you have. Remember when you first started using Facebook and Instagram? It took time to figure out how to use it, right? But now you’ve been using them for so long, it’s hard to remember a time without them.

This is exactly like that.

Understanding Predictive Action

Predictive action can be difficult to understand at first because it is a newer marketing strategy, so we are going to do our best to help you understand what it is and how it will help you recruit and sell.

What is it?

It’s a lot of things, really. We use it all the time without even noticing.

Have you ever been writing an email and it tries to finish your sentence for you?

That’s predictive action.

Have you noticed when you’re texting, suggested words will pop up?

That’s predictive action.

We live in a society that revolves around “the faster, the better,” so these actions are designed to save you time.

Businesses and social media also use predictive action through analytics and data. It’s not as scary and invasive as it sounds, we promise. All it means is that businesses/platforms collect information based on your actions.

Examples: Have you ever noticed that when you “like” a photo on Instagram, similar photos pop up in the Search section? That’s Instagram’s way of providing you with more content you’ll like, based off photos you’ve liked. That’s predictive action.

Have you ever been shopping on Amazon/Target/any big online retailer and noticed that the site will suggest other items, based off what you’re browsing? It’ll say “Other Customers Also Purchased These.” That’s predictive action.

Have you ever put something in your cart while online shopping and received an email reminding you that it’s in there? That’s also predictive action, and that’s the kind of action we want to talk to you about today.

The CC Originals app uses predictive action to help you save time and increase your sales by having some of the work already done for you.

Adding Contacts

On the home screen, you will notice two options:

1)      Add Warm Contacts

2)      Add Cold Contacts

Warm contacts are people already in your phone’s contact list or email list.

Cold contacts are new potential Stylists/Customers.

Predictive action makes it super easy for you to add potential Stylists and customers by having their information ready to go. Once your lists are updated, you can start sending invites!

Shopping Invites & Stylist Invites

Shopping Invites/Stylist Invites are predictive texts/emails you can send your contacts when you see a product they might like or if you think they may be interested in becoming a Stylist.

If you go to the home screen, tap on either PHONE BOOK or EMAIL depending on whether you want to send a text or email.

If you tap on PHONE BOOK, something like this will pop up:

Tap the VIEW CONTACT button on the bottom of the screen.

This opens up action options. (Send Email, Send SMS, Remove Contact, Add a Tag, Send New Invite, Follow-Up Action)

Tap on the SEND NEW INVITE box.

You’ll see two options at the top of the screen:

  1.       Shopping Invites
  2.       Stylist Invites

Shopping Invites: These are predictive messages for you to send potential customers. Because we know messaging people out of the blue can cause anxiety, the messages are already written for you. All you have to do is choose SMS, Email, or Facebook Messenger, and it will send the message to the contact you choose.  

Once you send a Shopping Invite to a potential customer, you can send a Follow-Up message if they opened but didn’t buy the product. The follow-up message will look like this:

We are currently working on creating a shopping invite for each product, so this takes a little time. But there are 200+ invites ready to go now, including best-sellers!

Stylist Invites: These are predictive messages for you to send potential Stylists.

There are currently three different options to send.

1)      Original Invite: Send this invite first. Just like the shopping invites, it has follow-up responses.

2)      Follow Up 1: Opened Webinar, Didn’t Register

3)      Follow Up 2: Registered for the Webinar, Did Not Join

All three options have texts already written for you, just choose how you want to send them.

Sending Follow-Ups

If you’re anxious about sending follow-up messages, please don’t be. All companies do this, and we’re going to explain why.

Sometimes people need to be reminded to do something, or they won’t do it. If you’re a mom or a wife, think of how many times you have to tell your kids or husband to do something in order for it to get done! It’s the same thing here.

Each invite includes three follow-up actions. We encourage you to send follow-ups because not only does it improve your chance of getting the desired action, but it also helps corporate evaluate which strategies work and which strategies don’t work.

Example: Each time a potential Stylist or customer opens something you send, you get notified and so do we. Maybe it takes one follow-up for them to open it. Maybe it takes 3 for them to open it. We can’t know until you send them. The more information we have, the more help we can give you because we will be able to evaluate the actions.

It’s important that you get comfortable doing this because you need this information, and so do we. Please keep in mind that all companies do this—don’t worry about “being annoying.”

Convert Section

Look at the bottom of your home screen You’ll notice four options: ADD, CONVERT, TRACK, and X-FACTOR.

We have been in the ADD section.

We will now move to the CONVERT section.

Prospect Actions

(image of Prospect Actions/Member Actions)

This section displays your top three prospects. It lets you know what kind of actions people have taken when you share something with them. In order for you to know what you need to do to help sell or recruit, you need to be sharing invites with people.

This section shows you the information we have gathered and provides you with three of your most promising prospects.

Remember: If you’re not sharing invites, we can’t help you.

Member Actions

This section allows you to see actions/progress of Stylists you recruited.

This will help you keep track of sales. It will help you know who you need to reach out to, and it will give you an idea of who needs a pep talk!

Ideally, you should be using this daily.

We hope this helps you navigate around the CC Originals app. Don’t forget to take your time and EXPLORE it! Part 2 will be out soon – it will cover areas such as Tracking, Badges, Social Sharing, and the X-Factor.