More Than a Company

“CC Originals is more than a company, more than a job, it’s my home.”

For the first blog post, I asked Ashley to give me some insight into the inspiration for her booming company. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but her response radiated with passion, purpose, and dedication. When I read her words above I stopped in my tracks. This sentence made it so clear to me: this company is so much more than just t-shirts, it’s a life-line and an unbreakable sisterhood.

Ashley explained to me how motherhood seemed like an inevitable end to her life-long relationship with entrepreneurship. Like so many women, Ashley had a fear that motherhood must equal the ultimate sacrifice: her passion for business. However, as time went on she couldn’t help but feel as if something were missing from her life. This was essentially the birth of CC Originals.

CC Originals began in her mom’s basement making glasses and tumblers. They quickly evolved into designing and creating t-shirts. This was when Ashley found her niche- her love of clothes and her passion to create merged to create something truly long-lasting and wonderful. Like so many businesses, they began making things they loved for the people in their community. Ashley’s mom had many friends that wanted to advertise their own businesses. What better way than by wearing your own message? This is where Ashley’s brilliant idea began to blossom: t-shirts are a cute, affordable, and fun way to wear your own self-expression. T-Shirts became Ashley’s way of helping women to express themselves and look adorable in the process. Ashley’s creativity began to explode, creating shirts for every woman and her message.

Ashley’s shirts were quickly in high demand. One Facebook post asking for a few women who might be interested in selling her products yielded 300 eager women in just two days. This unimaginable explosion of interest was the beginning of what would become a thriving sisterhood, always growing and expanding to include anyone. As Ashley watched her small business continue to grow beyond her wildest dreams, she put her faith in a higher plan. “I knew that this was my purpose, giving so many women and now men the opportunity to make an income makes me push to make this company better and better everyday,” Ashley told me.

Her inspiration became the community. It became so much more than t-shirts, it became a community held together by purpose. Ashley’s passion spread through each t-shirt that she made, helping each person in her community make an income and bringing joy to the customers who express themselves through affordable, comfortable style.

Ashley ended our interview with this: “They inspire ME. The dedication, the drive, the love! Over the past two years we have created a company that we call family, because it actually is. The sisterhood that we all share is remarkable. CC originals is more than a company, more than a job, it’s my home.