She Did It Her Way & You Can Too


Dakota Kenney has a lot of titles.







And most recently—winner of an all-expense-paid trip to the most magical place on Earth: Disney World.

We say “winner,” but let’s be honest: Dakota earned every bit of this trip through her hard work and dedication. When she wasn’t in the classroom teaching her third-grade students or at home balancing wife and mom duties, Dakota was working hard to become the highest earner at CC Originals as a stylist—and after $30,000 worth of merchandise sold in 12 months, Dakota earned that title, too.

Dakota is an inspiration to us all. Even with all the demands in her life, both professionally and personally, she still found the time to generate that much extra income as a CC Stylist. We thought this was a perfect opportunity to highlight her achievement while also reminding all of you that anything is possible.

Trying to balance all the different roles and expectations in your life can feel overwhelming at times, we know that. Being a woman is incredible, but it can also be incredibly exhausting, right? We have to be professionals, caregivers, therapists, drivers, chefs, planners—and that’s all before noon, most days!

This is why we have to be there for each other. We have to inspire each other and lift each other up on our tough days. We all know how tiring all these titles can be. So let’s work together to make the journey a little bit easier.

CC Originals is more than business. We’re a community of strong women doing our best to help other strong women follow their dreams. We’re here to encourage and empower. We’re here to cheer you on and to watch you grow because we are firm believers that the only limits to success are limits we put on ourselves. Your success is our success.

Being a CC Stylist is special because it’s something exclusively for you. As mothers and wives, most of our lives are constantly shared, and it’s not always easy to have something that is totally and completely yours. As a Stylist, you can make your own schedule and generate your own income on your own time. We encourage you to go at your own pace, too.

If you want to treat this as a full-time job, we support that.

If you want to treat it as a hobby, we support that as well.

If Dakota Kenney can do this, you can do it too!

If you’re ready to join our community as a Stylist, find out how here