Join Us in Our Campaign Against Human & Child Trafficking


CC Originals is committed to raising awareness about Human & Child Trafficking. 

In light with everything happening we wanted to do our part in taking a stand and rising up against Human & Children Trafficking. 

A portion of each sale from these tees and the apparel in the CCO- Rescue them Category will be donated to the Tim Tebow- Rescue Them Foundation.

RESCUE THEM is committed to supporting those affected by this crime against humanity in three ways:

1.)    We are proactive by helping to create and support programs to preserve and strengthen the family unit.

2.)    We are actively responding to the crisis by partnering with those executing physical rescue missions and those providing for the immediate needs of survivors.

3.)    We are deeply committed to supporting survivors’ long-term recovery through communities of care, providing them with tools for physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual healing; thus, empowering their liberation from the cycle of trauma abuse in their lives and find their new life of freedom in Christ.
Put A Stop to Human & Child Trafficking

When you purchase a CCO-Rescue Tee,
a portion of the proceeds will be donated
to the Tim Tebow Foundation via JustGiving

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