Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Making Everything Your Own

Happy Tuesday, Stylists! 

We hope you are having a great start to your week, and we hope this edition of Tips & Tricks Tuesday will help you now and in the future. 

As we have said before, it’s important to remember that you are selling yourself as well as the products. Because you are selling yourself, it’s important to own your identity and craft images and messaging that fits your own personal “brand.” 

Kindness is contagious.

Humor is endearing.

Showcasing specific causes will help you find your audience. 

Being authentic and true to your brand will not only help you grow your audience, but it will also help you solidify a trust with them.

When we talk about “making everything your own,” we are encouraging you to get creative with your social media posts! We all may be in this journey together, but we all have our unique strengths, and we should be embracing them. If you don’t have one already, we do recommend starting your own business Instagram account. This will make it easier for you to create a theme and to build a business brand. Feel free to have your own color schemes, as this makes your page more unified and aesthetically pleasing to potential Stylists and customers. 

(We have some more tips to selling products here.)

As you know, we offer new releases every Wednesday. So let’s say you see a new release you are especially passionate about, and you want to share it. Instead of sharing the original post, take a screenshot of the one you love (one that your audience will love the most) and share it on Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Write a caption that will really hit home with your audience, and if you’re sharing it on Instagram, don’t forget our hashtag guidelines!


Here is an example:

It’s the most comfortable time of the year!

Gear up for comfy, cozy season with our super soft (and festive) holiday tees for the whole family! (Imagine how cute your holiday pics will be!)

#Christmas #HappyHolidays #SmallBusiness #ShopSmall #FamilyTees #CozySZN #DirectSalesMommy #WomenSupportingWomen #MomsWhoWork #WomenInBusiness #Entrepreneur #BoutiqueShop #Boutique #Boutiqueowner #MerryChristmas #ChristmasFashion #CCOriginals #CCStylist

Because my online brand is witty and relatable, I try to keep my captions true to my personality. And I am sure to incorporate some great hashtags to help with visibility!

We hope this helps you with making everything your own. Remember, you are the owner of your online boutique and your personal brand – take pride in that and have fun with it!

See you next week, Stylists!