Women’s Empowerment- What Does It Mean To You?

Here at CC Originals, we use the words “Women’s Empowerment” every day to bring our stylists together, but what do these two words really mean? You can search the definition and probably find something along the lines of “Women’s empowerment is improving the sense of self-worth in women. To us, “women’s Empowerment” is a feeling, not a set definition. These two words mean something different to every woman, yet they hold us together as a sisterhood. Here is how a few of our stylists describe women’s empowerment and what it means to them.

Laura Ann Evans: I believe women empowerment means enabling women to be stronger, self-confident, independent, educated, and free.  An empowered woman has a voice, she has self-worth and knows the importance of self-love.  She leads, encourages, and paves a way leaving a wake of acceptance, beauty, and resilience to all women in her path. Empowering a woman is lifting her up, filling her with virtue, enabling her to achieve abundantly and evolve wholly into the woman she was created to be.

Felicia Favignano: For me, women empowerment means having a voice in this world and standing up for my beliefs and convictions.

Fierro Bahola: Women’s empowerment means to me Freedom to pursue desired goals!

Heather Marie: What women empowerment means to me is being able to lift up other women through good times and bad, witnessing their success and failures, and watching them succeed again. Learning, teaching, accepting flaws, making life-changing decisions, and helping them define their goals are empowering.

Rhonda Forcier: Women Empowerment is a choice to choose to change and to grow.

Ashley Trader: To me, women’s empowerment means supporting other women in anything and everything that they pursue. It means loving each other without expecting us all to think the same or fit society’s expectations. It means not only supporting women in their dreams but lending a hand to help them climb there when you are able. Empowerment involves reminding each other on our hard days that we are capable of anything and everything and teaching the next generation the same!

Kayloni Davis: To me, this means that women can be fully who They were created to be. That God created each of us as a unique individual with unique personality, talents, and gifts and we should walk in that. We should not try to be what someone else says We should be or try to be like someone else. We should strive and run after all that we are and be the best versions of ourselves. If each of us fully knew who we were and walked in that, WOW!! We can be unstoppable! God, not only created each of us as amazing individuals, but he created us to work as a big team, making up the body (of women/men/group)! If we each function in the way that we are supposed to as our own individual selves, then the big body (of women/men/group) can work properly. If we are all trying to be like everyone else then we have a big mess and we would all look the same. That’s no fun! Let’s strive to be the best version of ourselves and encourage those around us to do the same! Encourage and uplift one another as individuals, through the good and bad times. Work as one big team to be the best we can be! That’s empowering!

Stacie Smith: Women’s empowerment means that we have the same rights as men in creating the world that we would all like to live in.  I do not think it means to take complete control over the men though. Men were made to be EQUAL to women , not superior to women.  So therefore, we as women should not try to overstep men , but work alongside and have our voice be just as loud as men. We have the ability to work, build, guide, and provide in this world so we need to use our abilities to help one another out as women but come together as one to make this world a place we can all be proud of!