Women’s History Month

March is a month to highlight the achievements women have made throughout history. The endless bravery and ambition displayed by women inspires us every day. At CC Originals, it is our mission to create a better world for women while empowering them to live boldly.  

Here are five reasons why you, as a woman, should be celebrating girl power this month and every month!  

Women live longer than men! Women tend to live healthier lives than men and are more likely to see a doctor when sick, causing men to be more prone to health problems. 

Women are less likely to go bald. Testosterone produces a hormone that kills hair follicles. Since men have more testosterone, they are more likely to go bald.


Car insurance is cheaper for a woman. Generally speaking, women are safer drives than men, which means they are less likely to be in an accident. The safer you are for the company to insure, the less your insurance costs. 

Women make better CEOs! Women are natural-born leaders. They have developed soft skills throughout life that allow them to be better at communication, collaboration, and multitasking. Women are empowering and powerful. 

Women have a higher pain tolerance. Studies have found that women have a higher pain tolerance than men, and women more likely to forget about the pain they’ve experienced.